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I am a guy in my early 20s, an architect major, I like Inception (Arthur/Eames OTP), Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Teen Wolf (Sterek), Disney, Design, Fashion, Cars, Batman, & everything Christopher Nolan.
Welcome to my state of mind and Dream a little Bigger, Darlings.

Lee Pace + tropes and trademarks

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never forget

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I’m gonna be real with you right now, Derek’s subconscious agitated and panicking and seeking Stiles out to tell him his fears is 1000000% enough to base a trillion fanfics on and enough to get me through the hiatus

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Hello Friends!

So the Teen Wolf finale was last night! Congratulations to all of us for making it through that rollercoaster!

So to celebrate (and to thank my followers for putting up with my constant Teen Wolf spam) I will be giving away TWO screen accurate clothing items.

First we have Stiles’ Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Pullover Hoodie with Gray and red stripes from s03e18 Riddled. Size S. 

Next up, Lydia’s blue blouse with red embroidered dogs by Tommy Hilfiger from s03e04 Unleashed. Size M.

~The Rules~

  • You must be following me.
  • You may only regret it a little bit.
  • You can reblog up to ten times (and I will be checking).
  • Likes do not count.
  • Contest ends Friday (3/28) at 11:55PM EST.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • I can ship anywhere in the US.
  • Intl winners will have to pay for shipping (sorry lovelies <3)

You will get one bonus entry if you follow the lovely ladies at Teen Wolf Outfit Shoppe. They were the ones who poured countless hours into searching the net to find these items, so they deserve all the love you can give them. I would not have the awesome Lydia and Stiles items that I own and this giveaway certainly wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for them. So just email me a screenshot of you following them.

Be sure to check back on this post in case I make any edits!


John definitely noticed Sherlock’s bum.

You can see the exact moment, when he started to question his life choices.

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So tell me, how do you know? How do you know if you’re still dreaming?

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best thing about the episode: danny fucking knows.


Could you page Melissa McCall for me, please?

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"We’re on a ship… Pun intended."

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