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I am a guy in my early 20s, an architect major, I like Inception (Arthur/Eames OTP), Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Teen Wolf (Sterek), Disney, Design, Fashion, Cars, Batman, & everything Christopher Nolan.
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Swedish fashion house Oscar Jacobson inspires Volvo

This is how I would want my car to dress. The back of the front seats and the door panels feature exclusive Italian fabric and designs from the Swedish fashion house Oscar Jacobson. 

"Well-dressed gentleman – that is one of the visions for the interior design. Simple, clean and elegant forms. Forms that are suitable for materials. The wood panels are large and not purely decorative. The leather fits the forms with padded soft leather. The back doors are sweeping and, when closed, attach and integrate with the back seat. This is the Scandinavian design heritage – the right material for the right purpose. This perspective takes everyone in the car into account.” - Volvo 

(Source: wedesignvolvo)

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